Aug 14

GenCon 2014? GenCant2014…

gencant2014GenCon 2014 is in full swing, and Twitter is on fire with tons of cool pics showing off all the hotness. The Dukes of Dice are eager and ready to report on everything they see…. well, not they themselves. Really, we’re ready to retweet everything people who are actually there see. But if you’re not attending GenCon this year, and are feeling down about it, things are looking up. The community has come together and put together an unconventional un-convention: GenCant 2014. It started as a hashtag joke on Twitter, but is evolving into something more. Check out the GenCant 2014 Website started by board game app reviewer Suzanne from the Dice Tower’s Board Game Breakfast segment. They’re running a contest with full details found here. If you don’t want to click through (what are you afraid of exactly?), here’s the rules:

1) Tweet a picture of your #GenCantContest experience for a free entry into the raffle
2) Entry MUST have the hashtag #GenCantContest
3) One entry per person for the raffle
4) Our Totally Serious Committee Of Experts will pick 3 favorites from entries to get a prize pack
5) Remaining prizes will be drawn by randomizer based on the raffle entries
6) Entries accepted up to 11:59PM PDT Sunday August 17, 2014
If you’re looking for examples of photos, check out the #GenCant2014 hashtag – there’s a lot of fun ones in the spirit of the contest.
Prizes will be random. Some will be available to the US only and some will be available Internationally. Prize items will be annotated. We are still gathering the prize list which will be posted separately. If you’d like to donate to the prize pool, please email GenCant2014@gmail.com
Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm, humor, and community spirit. Here’s to GenCant!
Questions? Email GenCant2014@gmail.com

The Dukes have put up a copy of Archer: The Danger Zone! board game as part of the contest. You can check out the full prize list here. Well… back to the un-convention floor (i.e. work). Here’s some Tweets from GenCant

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