Aug 09

Dead of Winter has arrived… in the Dead of Summer

Fresh from shipping and shrink wrap.

After 9 months… it has finally arrived: Dead of Winter! I first heard about this game through the Plaid Hat Games Podcast, and was hooked. I pre-ordered it in November directly from PHG for a discounted price and a sexy Kodiak Colby promo card and standee. If you’re not familiar with the game you can find out more about it from it’s Boardgamegeek.com page. Basically it’s a semi-cooperative game (meta-cooperative is what PHG calls it). Everyone can lose together, but in order to win, players must complete the group objective as well as their own personal, secret objective. To make things more complicated, there could be a traitor among them, who is trying to sabotage the group objective (kind of like Battlestar Galactica). There are ten different main objectives in the base game. Each round the players will try to scavenge different kinds of supplies from different locations all while killing or avoiding zombies. Each round there is also some kind of requirement that needs to happen or the players will lose. There’s also Crossroads Cards which are secret events that will trigger when a given condition is met that will give the active player an interesting choice. For example:

 We’ll likely get this to the table this Sunday. I’m sure we’ll do a full review on the podcast. In the meantime, check out Watch It Played’s excellent How-to-Play video (check out their Indiegogo Campaign). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6la-2F6EtyM The Twittershpere has been going crazy with people excited about receiving their copies today… it’s like Christmas. Well, I have some organizing of components to do, along with a solo run-through… Hopefully I’m not the traitor.

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