Oct 31

Duke for a Day – Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction

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Are you interested in being an honorary Duke for a day? Well now you can. Currently up on Boardgamegeek.com is the annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction. The JVMF is a not for profit organization that raises money to support gamers in crisis.

They raised $60,000+ last year, and are already at over $35,000. If you want to read some of the heart-warming stories that describes how the donations are put to use, then check out their website http://www.jackvasel.org/.

To help this excellent cause, the Dukes are auctioning a chance to guest host on an upcoming podcast episode in the next several months. This is open to the general public and to game designers/published. Working with us, you can pick the game we review that week; if you’re a designer or publisher, you can even feature one of your own games (we have a listenership of 300+ and growing!).

Currently the bid to beat is $5, thanks to bobondi on BGG. But I think we can do better than that – especially since it supports a great cause!

If you would like to bid click here.

The auction ends November 14, 2014. Bid high, bid often!


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