Oct 03

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 112 – Donkey Mountain High

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This episode the Dukes are joined by Michael Canavan from Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation. The three Dukes…

… Discuss recent plays of Tiny Epic Western, Via Nebula, Libertalia, Arcane Academy, Burger Up, Troyes (6:36);

… Discuss the latest gaming news including the announcement of Dominion 2nd Editions, the slate of Essen releases from Czech Games Edition, and the Kickstarter for the real-time, competitive solitaire game Mars 4:45 (26:05);

… Give you their Top 6 games to take while traveling (39:43);

… Look back at their review of La Granja in their Dukes’ Double-Take (1:08:44); and

… Discuss gaming vacations, with a focus on the Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation (1:14:22).

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