Apr 09

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 172 – Settlers of Japan

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The Dukes are back after 5 weeks! This episode the Dukes …

… Share their recent plays of:

  • Dinosaur Island
  • Football Highlights 2053
  • Wildcatters
  • Funky Chicken
  • Monster Match (5:45)

… Discuss the latest news including:

  • The new Viticulture expansion from Stonemaier Games: Visit from the Rhine Valley (25:37)
  • A Kickstarter preview for the Dune-inspired Imperious from Grant Rodiek and Kolossal Games (28:50)
  • The Kickstarter for Mottainai: Wutai Mountain (36:31)

… Review CMON Games’ Rising Sun (47:03)

… Look back at their reviews of the Colonists and Rum & Bones: Second Tide in their Dukes’ Double Take (1:32:22), and

… Discuss the Mount Rushmore of modern hobby games (1:39:57).

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