Aug 31

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 232 – Exploration, My Dear Watson

This episodes the Dukes  … 

… Discuss recent plays of:

  • Pokemon;
  • Smartphone, Inc.;
  • Fields of Arle: Tea & Trade Expansion;
  • Papayoo; (14:51)

… Look at recent gaming news including game designer Mike Selinker and his recent attempts to foil the Riddler, as well as the Kickstarter for Queen Games’ Amsterdam and Hamburg (36:22)

… Review Restoration Games’ Unmatched: Cobble & Fog (59:37); and

… Look back at their review of Century: New World in their Dukes’ Double-Take (1:47:26).

In the episode we mentioned our friends over at the Cult Classic Callback Podcast are giving away a copy of Unmatched: Buffy… give the episode a listen to find out how to win it by clicking here!


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