Aug 12

Painting Minis for Board Games

If you haven’t listened to our anniversary episode (Ep. 52 – Duke-Aversary) you totally should! In it I make reference to friend of the show, and Baron-level Patreon backer, Jared. Jared goes out of his way to bling out his games. This includes player aids, tuck boxes, storage solutions and – most importantly – painted miniatures. Here are some pics of his painted minis for Cthulhu Wars:

Truly beautiful work – and it adds a lot to the play experience.

If you’ve picked up from time to time, I have an extensive background in miniature war gaming, having played almost everything Games Workshop produced, Warmachine/Hordes and a handful of others. I used to spend 20-30 hours a week modeling and painting, before I largely left the hobby for board games. If you want, you can check out the short-lived modeling/painting blog I maintained while in law school: Running From the Law.

I miss the painting and modeling quite a bit, and before the podcast had more opportunities to paint minis for board games. Among other board game minis, I’ve painted Descent minis, Imperial Assault minis and my Kemet minis (gallery below).

Playing with painted minis adds so much to the overall experience. Jared has inspired me to get back into painting. We’ve also discussed on the show recently how popular Arcadia Quest has been around the Duchy – so that will be my next project. Not sure how that will turn out, since I’ve never painted Chibi-style minis.

What minis have you painted for your board games? What keeps you from painting, or inspires you to paint?

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