The Dukes of Dice

The Dukes of Dice… a podcast and community for board games, card games and role playing games. Join Alex and Sean as they embark on a journey discussing this exciting hobby of ours.  For the time being, you can expect bi-weekly podcasts, blog posts, and and reviews. Welcome to the Duchy!

Who are the Dukes?

Sean and Alex first met in Albuquerque, NM playing on a kickball team together. Kickball didn’t last but the two have been playing board games around the Duke City ever since, dragging their girlfriends along the way. You can find them chucking dice and placing workers at Empire Board Game Library or the Duchy. They don’t agree on everything and it’s probably better that way.


Sean’s intro gaming came from purchasing his first pack of Magic: The Gathering cards in 1994. Soon after that he purchased an English first-edition of Settlers of Catan – board games would never be the same for him again. Sean spent a lot of time heavily invested in miniature gaming and found a great home at Imperial Outpost Games in Phoenix, Arizona. Before taking the full plunge into board gaming in 2012, Sean dabbled in games like Memoir ’44, Carcasonne and Descent. His preference lately has been for mid- to heavy Euro games, with the occasional Amerithrash epic game as a palette cleanser.

When he’s not being a rules lawyer, he’s being an actual lawyer at a mid-sized defense firm in the Duke City. He has an amazing girlfriend, Raquel, who loves Feld games. When not playing games, the two are raising their daughters Mariah (14) and Chewie (16 months).

Visit Sean’s Board Game Geek profile.


Alex is the Duke that carries the flag for the more casual (but still fiercely competitive) board gamer. He got into the hobby back in Lansing, MI when he was working as a reporter for an NBC affiliate there, first playing at Clem’s Comics and Games. Cooperative (Pandemic, Elder Sign) and shorter games (Puzzle Strike, Coup, The Resistance: Avalon) tend to be favorites, so if the game’s long, it better be good.

When he’s not at the table, you can find him on TV at nights on the CBS/Fox affiliate stations in town.


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  1. Mike Canavan

    I hope you had a good holidays. We met at BGG Con and discussed Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation. Sean have you had a chance to discuss it with Alex? We were hoping you guys could cover the event a bit and possibly make it out yourselves. feel free to contact me on my private email. canavm2@gmail.com


  2. Trueflight Silverwing

    Just curious as to what equipment you guys use to make the Podcast. I love the sound quality. Looking for a new mic and recording program for my own show and I was curious as to what you guys use. I’m guessing from the quality that you also record together as opposed to being in different locations and talking over a voice chat program (which I’m often forced to do with interviews and guests).

    1. sean

      Hey there. Yes we do record in the same room. I responded on our guild a while back regarding our equipment. You can check it out here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1525843/podcast-materials

  3. Stephen Gordon

    Hi Dukes:

    I’ve really enjoyed your show the last 6 months or so when I discovered you guys by way of The Dice Tower.

    I came to the hobby after a childhood with mass market games, a little DnD in high school, RPGs in 00’s. And, finally; Catan, Dominion, and Pandemic brought me to the Dice Tower a couple of years ago.

    My adult interest in gaming started as a way to relieve a little stress from the practice of law. Today its more about spending time with the wife and kids.

    I appreciate the work that goes into a podcast like yours. I’ve been podcasting since 2005 (since before we had the term for what we were doing). Our show then was called “Fast Forward Radio.” The show, now called “The World Transformed,” is still going strong 500+ episodes in.

    Our show is futurism-themed… mostly we take science news and then have a little fun speculating. Lately we’ve added an occasional segment we call “Other Geek.” I’ve used some of that time lightheartedly proselytizing the hobby to our audience and my cohost.

    The game wall has really grown over the last couple of years:


    Anyway, if you’d ever like a guest, I’d love to chat with you guys. Give me a call.

    cell 318-272-6434
    work number 318635-1764 x 310

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