Aug 26

Dukes of Dice Podcast – Ep. 02: Zombie Strike

Podcast Ep 2

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[tabs][tab title=”Description”]Today the Dukes discuss their recent plays including Power Grid, Bora Bora and Quantum; then they review the Plaid Hat Games’ Dead of Winter. GenCon is over, and the Dukes discuss all the hot news.  Finally, they put Puzzle Strike on trial in Game Court.[/tab] [tab title=”Segments”]0:00:00 – Intro.

0:01:45 –  The Dukes’ Recent Plays

0:22:26 – The News

0:45:14 – Dead of Winter Overview

0:51:50 – Dead of Winter Review

1:19:32 – Game Court: Puzzle Strike

1:32:38 – Final Thoughts – Conventions[/tab] [tab title=”Music & Links”]

Theme Music is courtesy CarboHydroM, songs are “Unbreakable Wings” and “Deep Blue Dreams” from their album Prime Legacy.



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