May 25

Dukes of Dice Podcast – Ep. 40 – When Colts Cry

Dukes of Dice - Ep. 40 - When Colts Cry

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Today the Dukes…

… Discuss recent plays including Talon: Fleet Combat in Defense of Earth, Paperback, Lanterns, Merkator, Puzzle Strike and The Ancient World (02:29);

… Discuss the latest news, including the new partnership between Passport Games Studio and Pegasus Spiel, the new faction for Imperial Settler and the KickStarter for Defenders of the Last Stand (18:48);

… Review Ludonaute and Asmodee’s Colt Express (26:02); and

… Try to answer the question: Can a board game make you cry? (59:30).

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Theme Music is courtesy CarboHydroM, songs are “Unbreakable Wings” and “Deep Blue Dreams” from their album Prime Legacy. www.carbohydromusic.com

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