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Sep 14

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 233 – Best at Two

This episodes the Dukes  …  … Discuss Alex and Abby’s Wedding as well as his Zoom “Bachelor” party (10:44); … Sean gets some help from Rory to review GMT Games’ Imperial Struggle (40:53); … Look back at their review of Capstone Games’ Watergate in their Dukes’ Double-Take (1:35:13). Click here to     Twitter: @dukesofdice Facebook: /dukesofdice …

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Aug 31

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 232 – Exploration, My Dear Watson

This episodes the Dukes  …  … Discuss recent plays of: Pokemon; Smartphone, Inc.; Fields of Arle: Tea & Trade Expansion; Papayoo; (14:51) … Look at recent gaming news including game designer Mike Selinker and his recent attempts to foil the Riddler, as well as the Kickstarter for Queen Games’ Amsterdam and Hamburg (36:22) … Review …

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Aug 17

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 231 – 6th Duke-iversary: Boxcars

This episodes the Dukes celebrate the 6th anniversary of the podcast. The Dukes …  … Discuss recent plays of: Lagoonies; Rival Network; Gudetama; Virtual True Dungeon; Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan; and Marvel Villainous (9:25) … Share their Top 6 Gaming Experiences (37:39); and … Deliver the State of the Duchy …

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Aug 03

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 230 – Roman Numerators

This episodes the Dukes …  … Discuss recent plays of: Pendulum; Imperial Struggle; and Thousand Year Old Vampire (7:39) … Discuss the latest board game news, including the winners of the Spiel des Jahres award and GenCon Online (41:18);  … Review Phalanx’s Europe Divided (54:08); and … Look back at their review of Forum Trajanum …

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Jul 20

Dukes of Dice – Ep. 229 – We Built this City on Purple and Gold

This episodes the Dukes are joined by Jeremy Howard from Man vs. Meeple – the three…  … Discuss recent plays of: Raiders of Scythia; Monumental; Tekhenu; Masters of Renaissance; and Welcome to New Las Vegas (14:12) … Review Druid City Games’ Sorcerer City (45:00); … Look back at their review of We’re Doomer in their …

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