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Dec 08

Dukes of Dice Podcast – Ep. 17 – Love is a Battlefield

For a Direct Download click here. For the full Podcast Archive click here. [tabs][tab title=”Description”] Today the Dukes … … Discuss games they got to the table over the last two weeks, including the Resistance: Avalon, Coup and Sheriff of Nottingham; … Review Fantasy Flight Games’ Battlelore 2nd Edition and the app Battelore: Command; and …

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Aug 08

GenCon 2014 Top 10 Preview

GenCon 2014 is a week away (August 14-17). I will not be going, but there’s a lot of games I’m looking forward to that should be debuting there. I consultedĀ Board Game Geek’s GenCon 2014 Geek List Preview, to come up with my Top Ten Most Anticipated Games. Also of interest is the Dice Tower’s GenCon …

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